Vendor Order Receiving Apps

Vendor Order Receiving Apps

For all the vendors are compulsary to download the apps to manage the incoming order and process. Login of the apps is the email address in the registration form. Password will send to the email address once the vendor account created by TabaoGo admin team. Kindly check your mail box for the login details.



Apps Download Link

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TabaoGO Vendor Management


For notification sound please press HERE.



1)     First you will see the login page for vendor’s apps. Insert your login by using the email that registered with TabaoGo and we will emailed you the password once your Vendor Account is created by TabaoGo’s admin.

What if you forgot your password?

Kindly click FORGOT PASSWORD in Vendor Backend ( or contact us ( / 03-61518333) to reset your password. Thanks.



2)     After login the Vendor Apps, press NEW ORDER on your screen. All new incoming order will display in this screen. The apps will notify you by Notification and triggering by sound.

·        Do not put your device in silent mode. This may cause the order to miss out!


3)     When there is incoming order. Please press the order and ACCEPT the order.


·        Once the order Accepted by the vendor, TabaoGo’s rider is receiving the order notification simultenously. The rider on his way to collect and deliver the food.



4)     Once you accept the Order. Please Press the PUNCHED ORDER. Your accepted ORDER is here!


5)     When the food is ready to be delivered please press ORDER ON ITS WAY when passing the food to TabaoGo’s Rider. That’s all the ordering process. You may accept multiple orders via the apps.




Please do not hesitate to contact us if have any further question.


Tel: 03-61518333